And So... I Got a TCA Peel Los Angeles, California, US

// Day 7: TCA Peel//

Apparently, I’m “healing fast” and “well”. This was taken before noon today:

People at work today said it wasn’t as bad as I think it is, but they also didn’t see me when I was a peeling mess with red blotchy blisters!

Not much new to report, been following my regimen of vitamins, fish oil, protein-based foods, juice… moisturizing… I put on cortinsone creme on my face before bed because I could NOT stand the itching. I was slapping my face like crazy to help the itch. I also took a zyrtec before bed and another in the morning.

Though I have to say, YOGURT IS A GREAT BURN/ITCH REMEDY. And air conditioning is a blessing.

DO NOT FORGET TO PUT ON SUNSCREEN - this stuff is great and doesn’t sting on the fresh new skin: Lancaster Oil Free Milk Spray SPF 30

Cannot wait to see what my face looks like tomorrow!

// Day 6: TCA Peel//

Almost completely peeled today. But still very red. My chin has subsided a lot, and is the least red out of all the other places on my face. I suppose this makes sense because it was the first place to peel. I took this photo before noon -

Wait - my forehead is really not all that red… it feels bumpy and doesn’t look/feel very “resurfaced” but at this point I’m just really glad it’s not red.

There are still small brown patches on my cheeks that haven’t peeled just yet. This concerns me. There’s one large patch on my left cheek that hasn’t peeled at all, and looks like it won’t. What is this going to look like when all of this is said and done?

It’s about 7:30pm and I’ve just washed my face for the 2nd time today. I tried putting Eidel creme (steroid creme prescribed by my dermatologist) on the right side of my chin, and generic cortinsone creme on the left side of my chin… these things are supposed to help with the redness and swelling. So I wanted to see how it’d do. I still put Aquaphor on the rest of my face. 
I am so itchy!!
Any questions?

// Day 5: TCA Peel//

I peeled a lot more today. I’m not doing the peeling itself, the dead skin just falls right off when I apply moisturizer (in my case Aquaphor).

I took one 1000 mg Vitamin C and one 1200 mg Fish Oil caplet last night before bed. And took another dose of the two in the morning. Washed my face with Cetaphil, reapplied the Aquaphor as my moisturizer. It is such a relief when I put the Aquaphor on, because on the brown bits of my face, it is so dry now. And on the red parts, the Aquaphor soothes it. 

Here are the pictures from the mornings. It looks a lot worse than it feels. It’s itchy (obviously DO NOT ITCH), and it feels a bit hot. I experience more peeling from my chin than anywhere else this morning. A few minutes after I apply the Aquaphor it really feels like it’s melting a bit on my face.

I took a multi-vitamin after breakfast, and a 400mg Vitamin E caplet. I drank fresh squeezed juice (Pressed Juicery detox 2) and took another dose of Vitamin C after lunch.

I washed my face again. Bear in mind that I do this VERY gently, with lukewarm water and I rinse with cold water.

After this wash, you can see that there’s a lot more raw red spots on my face than there are brown, I my cheeks peeled a lot since this morning. Because of this, I switched my cleanser today from Cetaphil to Dermalogica’s Ultracalming Cleanser. I just so happen to have a 2oz. bottle that came in a travel kit that I bought. Here’s what the product page boasts:

An extremely gentle cleansing gel/cream that can either be rinsed off or gently removed with tissue or The Sponge Cloth. Helps combat skin sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, harsh climate, irritating cosmetic products and other environmental influences. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.              

I see that a lot of people with rosacea love it for helping their red blotches subside. And it’s gentle enough to use on your eyes.

My face/skin feels a lot more uncomfortable today than it did yesterday. Any thing before that was just complexion complications, this is actually uncomfortable. It’s hot, raw, red, swollen, and itches.

Since I cannot itch, I take a Q-tip* and lightly rub around the itchy area. I definitely apply almost no pressure. (*Specifically a Q-tip, since those genergic cotton swabs are not very padded on the ends with cotton, and you DO NOT want to scratch your face.)


I also want to point out that this is going to take awhile, at least a few days, to heal. So whatever they tell you, you’re going to need at least a week to recover from this. At least. The time when you start peeling is the worst, and it will be very hard for people to look at you that way.

The True Blood Vampires were a good comparison, but this is a bit “Freddy Krueger” now…

Ice packs help, but then again you are putting it on a lot of moisturizer/greasy Aquaphor, so try and prevent the stickiness somehow. Anyone have suggestions? I’m open.

Right now I’ve just been putting it right up against my face, and then cleaning the ice pack with an alcohol-based wipe.

The photo below was taken about 7pm on this day.

// TCA Peel - Tips for post-treatment care, and suggestions for a fast recovery (written on Day 4)//

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am sharing my findings for a speedy and good recovery. Let’s first start by mentioning that after you get a TCA Peel (again I do not recommend you do this at home on your own) you need to take really good care of your skin:


  • Drink lots of water
  • Stay out of the sun! If you have to be in sunlight, make sure you wear ample sunscreen and stay covered!
  • Use clean sheets. Try to change your pillowcase every day if possible
  • Wash with a mild, non-abrasive soap. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil, and I also have taken the extra precaution of washing my hands with anti-bacterial handsoap and rinsing thoroughly before using the mild soap for my face.
  • Make sure you rinse well
  • Use a clean washcloth every time you wash, and dab! Don’t wipe! Doesn’t it just seem to make sense that you’ve chemically burned your skin, and the layer underneath is so new it’s pink - so you should use the cleanest towel possible to dab the excess water off of it? You do not want your brand new skin to get infected!
  • Keep your skin moisturized at all times! I was using a lotion for the first couple days, even though my dermatologist suggested Aquaphor because I absolutely detest the greasy Aquaphor feeling. Well, because I skimped on that advice, I didn’t heal as fast as I could in the last 4 days. Here is why Aquaphor is best for healing skin that is burnt and why hospitals, dermatologists, and other doctors recommend it for this type of skin issue (I took this screenshot with my phone just now for more detailed info go the Aquaphor website):
  •  Lotion obviously doesn’t do this as well as Aquaphor does. And if you go to their website, you’ll also see why this works differently than petroleum jelly, which shares the same feel and consistency as Aquaphor.


  • Do not scrub your face. Try to be as gentle as possible when washing your face and applying moisturizer
  • Do not pick the skin off your face. Just let the layer(s) of skin come off on their own. You can risk scarring or discoloration, or raw skin if you pick your face.
  • Do not go into a chlorine-treated pool or jacuzzi (spa). You need to use the cleanest, purest water possible for your raw, new skin.
  • Do not lay out in the sun. Some sites say for 6 weeks, 6 months, and others even say a year. I’m not a sun-worshipper, and avoid it as much as I can already, so I don’t see this as a problem… But driving in California is often overlooked as “sun bathing” but really, I’m in indirect sunlight for an hour a day when I drive to/from work! Use lots of sunscreen when your skin is healed well enough to take it. If your skin is raw, it might sting.
  • Be aware that high-pressure showers might be too powerful for your face, and you will need to ease up on the water pressure. Luckily I have an adjustable shower head, and this helped. I made the water weak, almost to a rainfall.
  • They will tell you that this procedure will take 4-7 days. I’m on my 4/5th day right now and I’m nowhere near healed. Know that this is a very agressive peel. It will probably hurt. And you will need to take extra good care of the skin on your face.
  • I would PLAN TO STAY INDOORS FOR 7-10 DAYS immediately after getting the peel. If you heal faster than that, great! But, make sure you have this time set aside from work, parties, and especially travel. You swell when you fly and when your body’s largest organ - your skin - swells and it’s burnt/raw/healing it will be excruciatingly painful.



This website’s page was the most helpful I found for the symptoms going on with my skin right now -

I’ve taken the most helpful parts of the webpage and pasted it below:

Vitamin supplements can be helpful in the body’s healing process, but before you use vitamins to heal from burns, ask your medical provider for advice.

Step 1

Take 1,000 mg of a vitamin C supplement two to six times a day, recommends the University of Maryland Medical Center. High doses can cause diarrhea; if this develops, cut back your dosage until it resolves. Vitamin C helps promote new tissue growth and strengthens new tissue and skin. Dietary sources of vitamin C include oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, leafy greens, winter squash and blueberries.

Step 2

Add vitamin E to your supplement regimen. Vitamin E can be used directly on the skin once new skin has grown over the healed burn. The University of Michigan Health System suggests breaking open a vitamin E capsule and applying it to the burn two or three times a day. As an oral supplement, recommended doses of this vitamin are 400 to 800 IU daily. You can also get vitamin E through your diet by eating almonds, peanut butter, broccoli and mango.

Step 3

Consume fish oil. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that one to two capsules or 1 tbsp. of fish oil, twice daily, can aid in healing, decrease inflammation and boost immunity to safeguard against infection. You can eat fatty fish like herring or mackerel, but fish oil supplements provide a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Step 4

Take a multivitamin that includes vitamins A, C and E, as well as the B-complex vitamins, magnesium, zinc, calcium and selenium. Ask your doctor what vitamin dosages are appropriate for you before using a multivitamin plus supplements of vitamins C and E.

Tips and Warnings: Avoiding refined, high-sugar foods, minimizing consumption of fatty red meats, and emphasizing fruits and vegetables in your diet can help encourage the healing process and promote health.

  • Before taking any vitamins or applying any topical creams on your burns, ask your health care provider whether it is safe to do this, especially if your burns are moderate or severe. Extremely high doses of various vitamins can cause toxicity; do not take more than the recommended amount of any vitamin. Consult a health care provider to verify the dosages are appropriate.


Article reviewed by J.A. Rist Last updated on: Jan 29, 2011

Just wanted to stress the point that it says to ask your doctor about any additional vitamin supplements, and that I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

However, I did buy stop by the Vitamin Shoppe today and found this great women’s multivitamin that is a food-based multi-v, so it will help me from feeling sick (as I often do after taking my daily pill if I haven’t eaten enough food). It’s called Women’s One | Just One and it has all the things that the site suggested in a multi-vitamin to help heal burns quickly. Plus it has calcium, which a lot of multi-v’s can’t provide because it usually has to be taken separately to be effective. I also got Vitamin C tablets @ 1000mg, and vitamin E tablets @ 400MG (just the generic Vitmain Shoppe brand), and I already had fish oil tablets at home. I took those during my Accutane regimen.

I found a couple other websites with some helpful tips, but this one was the simplest, least complicated one with consistent and good suggestions.


Any questions or suggestions?

// Day 4: TCA Peel//

Because I decided to take control of this situation (see previous post), and try to help others who are curious about the TCA Peels (or are going through the healing process seeking solace and camraderie) - I felt better about this situation, about life. Optimistic, even. My TCA Peel experience gave me purpose beyond the vanity that originally propelled me to get this procedure done in the first place.


Photos from the morning of Day 4 - I noticed that the top part of my cheek bones by my eyes on both sides were both peeled and red. The right side hurt to the touch a little bit, but the left side was fine.

My chin browned, and looks especially cripsy when it’s dry, but it does not hurt - 

And I thought it was funny that I found this photo on one of my friend’s Instagram feeds - Maybe it’s his child but the way this kid drew on his face reminded me of mine, and other TCA peel photos I’ve seen on the web: 


Not much changed in the earlier part of the day. By noon, I had to go to my med-spa to get my scheduled laser hair removal going. They are experienced in aesthetic treatments, so I wasn’t too apprehensive about going there and them seeing my face.

My nurse at the laser med spa told me that I was healing well, and quite evenly. She has nothing to do with the dermatologist’s office that gave me the TCA Peel - but she has experience. She even said that in a few days, when I start to really improve, I would be really happy with the results.

That was a relief.

Honestly, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve even made any improvements. But I was encouraged by her kind words.

While I was getting the lasering done, I decided to look on the web (at reputable websites) for what can help a burn heal quickly. I’ll post that in the next post, as well as what I’ve found helpful to have on-hand.


When I got home, I washed my face and saw that I started to peel in 2-3 more places. Predominantly my chin area. This was a before and after… One above was taken after I left the laser med-spa (the white bits is actually sunscreen I didn’t rub in because I wanted to make sure my face was full saturated with lotion and moisturized), the below photo was taken right after I washed my face and applied Aquaphor - 

I know it looks worse, but it is not painful. 

And I am thrilled that I’m recovering a bit faster… especially since you cannot scrub, you cannot peel your skin. You just have to wait for your skin to fall off itself. Sounds zombie like, but remember what I said a few posts ago about True Blood vampires?

Obviously this last picture, especially, is an overly exaggerated comparison, but at least now I’m able to poke fun at the situation, right?

// Today is the day I decided to make this TCA Peel blog (written on Day 4)//

Today is Day 4. The first post I’m writing in actual real-time.

I woke up today and resolved to create a blog about my experience with a TCA Peel. I spent most of yesterday (Day 3) being freaked out about all the horror stories I read on the internet about TCA Peels.

The truth of the matter is: I’m fine. I just look gross.

I feel okay. I’ve only taken pain killers (over the counter 200mg Ibuprofen) once since getting the TCA Peel done. Sure, the procedure itself was painful, but since then I’ve been okay enough to drive myself to work and back, and go to 2 movies since I got the peel done.

So I wanted to tell you, if you are curious, my story. I am a real person, who got this elective procedure done 4 days ago at my dermatologist’s office. It was not the first time I saw him for treatment, I have seen him 4-5 times, and spoke to him about this at least 3 times. It is what he recommended for me.

But please know - that everyone’s experiences are different. I am NOT a doctor. I am a patient. I merely want to share my experience with you so that you can know that not all of it is frightening or painful.

I do have to say, however, I saw a lot of links/stories about people doing this TCA peel themselves. I do not recommend doing this at home on your own. Don’t be cheap, especially when something can have long-term effects. Especially on your face! Just pay the money it takes to have a professional and licensed doctor do the procedure for you. Get real medical care. This is an acid. You are putting chemicals on your face.

For example - From what I saw, this woman Bethanny Storro tried to do an at-home peel herself, it went awry - and even went as far as to go to the police and news stations to tell people she was attacked. A detective pointed out that it looked like it was applied like a mud mask, and not like a splash. After pulling this lie off for more than 2 weeks, she later admitted it was a hoax. People have and do get attacked by acid, which makes her lie doubly unfortunate and insulting.


// Day 3: TCA Peel//

I took this picture at around 11am on Friday.

I realize that different lighting conditions could make a big difference in how one could perceive skin tone and progress. These two pictures were taken literally seconds apart, under different light. For your reference, my doctor said that this is normal. And that my healing was happening faster than normal.

Little progress was made from the night before when I last took a photograph. I was still browning - not any darker, not any lighter, and not peeling yet. Discouraged still, I wanted my healing process to move faster.

I was determined to go see a movie, and I resolved to just suck it up and go and do it. I found the biggest sun hat I owned to use when I was to leave the house. I had a plan. Get there early, be seated, take off the hat when the lights dimmed. This is what I looked like before leaving the house, around 5:30pm -

And this is what I looked like for the rest of the night to the public I had to be around, if I was looking straight on, which I tried not to do. I walked through the theatre with my head down so that no one could catch a glimpse of my chin. I took this at a little after 5:30pm -


I should note that I have been washing my face 3-4 times a day… Probably every 2nd or 3rd time I would reapply lotion between washings to the affected area(s). And I was taking my Prednisone tablets he gave me.

I wasn’t instructed to do much by my physician, so I stuck to this regimine.

I should also note that I did scare one child at the movie theatre I went to. He was small enough to see up my hat, even when I was looking down at the ground to avoid anyone seeing me. He stared, and held his mother a little closer.

// Day 2: TCA Peel//

WARNING - Not that the pictures were “pretty” before, but it gets worse from here.

It was Thursday morning.

When I awoke I saw that the patches of brown darkened even more overnight. My skin was very dry, but the lotion I used was rich enough so that I didn’t hurt too much because of the dryness. But I knew I would need to reapply often.

I put make-up (foundation) on, peppered with a little blush and went to work. (I decided that any heavy eye make up or lipstick would make me look more clown like.) I got there early so I could avoid the masses and any strange looks or weird questions about my complexion.

Still, I saw some woman waiting by the security desk stare at me a like I was dressed like a whore in church.

I called the dermatologist’s office again. I knew they might be out since the doctor was taking the rest of the week off. I left another urgent message and a regular one hoping that one of the staff would check it and return my call. One did. She said what I was describing was normal. That’s what hers was like. I sent her the picture above and told her I had make-up on. She and the doctor agreed it was normal. She was really helpful, and even gave me her cell phone # and told me I could text her any time. She really went above and beyond. That was a relief - and great customer service!

I asked 3 co-workers how it looked. They said they didn’t notice it until I mentioned. Three hours later I went by my boss’ office. She told me the truth - she could tell I got the peel done underneath my make-up.By 2:30pm I was wrapping up anything at work and going home with whatever I could do remotely.

I washed off the make-up, and took this picture to show my best friend what it looked like - 

It was darkening even more as the day progressed. Disappointed I as turning brown and not “pink” or “red like a bad sunburn” - it’s very hard to cover this browning up. And there were a couple things I wanted to be at work for. Looking the way I do as I brown in patches, I felt uncomfortable.

This was the last picture I took on Day 2, and still reeling from all the horror stories I saw from the internet, I didn’t feel so good about the progress.

// Day 1: TCA Peel//

I got the peel done around 5:30 Wednesday night. I was nervous. I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask beforehand, but I didn’t ask until I got to the doctor’s office what the pain was like. I suppose if they gave you the truth in simpler terms, they would probably have trouble selling this peel, much less the deeper kind of peels (Phenol) that they do today.

I asked how painful it would be when I was in the waiting room. The answer I got was a hesitant “it will feel like someone is burning your face.” Like laser hair removal? I asked. “No… that is more momentary, while this is going to be on your face for a few minutes, and because it’s uncomfortable, it will feel like it’s longer than that.” That is what the receptionist that got this peel done before said. “The feeling is different for everyone.” I could tell by the look on her face - piteous and worrisome - that she was sugar-coating her statement a bit. But it is true that pain is experienced differently person-to-person.

When I saw the doctor, I asked him. He said I would feel “discomfort” and that they would blow cold air on me because that would lessen the “discomfort”.

They put the first layer on. It felt hot, but bearable. The doctor was kind, his tone was even and soothing. The nurse was blowing cold air on my face. He said that he would be putting the second layer on, and they would just wait for the skin to turn a greyish white and then they would know it was finished. He asked if I was ready. I nodded…

Now, I don’t know if you consider yourself a person with a high tolerance for pain. But I do. When I get laser hair removal done, I do not use an ice pack, nor do I use numbing gel. I’ve broken both my ankles, endured a slight - but jolting crash - thanks to a wave, into a beach pier. I’ve had root canals, teeth extractions, dental implants, braces, and a permanent retainer. I’ve had jaw surgery due to a misplaced jaw that was pushing on nerves in my neck that was causing me every day headaches. I have more than a dozen tattoos covering my upper arms, one partial shoulder, a tiny one on my lower left torso, my upper back including my shoulder blades and lower right back. I’ve also had piercings before. I have not, however, experienced child birth. Which is in my book, the most painful thing I’ve seen portrayed regularly in pop culture. They never show anyone having an “easy” pregnancy. They always show some woman screaming at any/everyone. They often show women who have sworn off drugs during childbirth asking for those same drugs when the time comes.

I mentioned earlier that pain is relative. Well, this peel was painful for me. I mean, it is literally acid on your face. It’s a chemical peel with acid in it. TCA stands for Trichloroacetic Acid. Imagine the feeling of getting sunscreen in your eye. Now imagine that sunscreen was lit aflame and then put in your eye. That’s what it felt like.

I imagine this is the piercing pain that those vampires on True Blood experience when someone puts silver on them, or they are caught in the sun. I would hiss too! I probably did. My arm involuntarily jerked from the pain. My eyes were tearing like it was a race to rehydrate the ocean. Perhaps I’m under-estimating but it was maybe over in 30 seconds, 50 seconds max… It felt like 5+ minutes. It burned a piercing hot burn that felt almost cold. Maybe it was the nurse blowing cold air on me. She really should have had two air blowers instead of one - one for each side of my burning face.

They quickly ‘neutralized’ the chemicals, I felt better after tht. I was sent home with Cetaphil cleanser and Aveeno lotion, advised to put on Aquaphor as soon as I could, and given Prednisone to take for the next 4 days.

I felt fine. A little shaken from the pain, but I was able to drive home myself and didn’t even have to take pain killers.

I had to go to a movie screening a few hours after having this done. I was fine, but I did put a bit of make-up on. I took my first dose of Prednisone at the movie. 4+ hours after getting the procedure done, I noticed my skin was darkening in spots, like I was born with a light birthmark all over my face. They didn’t say I would darken, so I took the photos below to show my doctor.

I left him a message around 9:30, washed my face, put heaps of lotion on it and went to bed.



I woke up about 30 minutes later in a panic. Why was my skin turning brown?! They said pink! They said red like a bad sunburn! Why didn’t my dermatologist call me back? He said I would just have to push 4 after I left a message and it would page him, indicating it was an urgent matter.

I started to search the web.*

All I saw were horror stories saying they got permanent hyperpigmentation. PERMANENT! Nothing said my skin browning was normal. After 2 hours of google searching… I finally saw ONE site saying that the browning was normal. This was enough to give me hope, and mental rest to get some sleep.

*Everyone agrees that searching the web was a bad idea, myself included… But I had no resources but this after waking up in a worry.

For those of you interested in those laser photo facials, botox, fillers, or hair removal treatments - this is my nurse over at Laser Away, Roberta. She’s great, knowledgable, honest, and direct.

This is not an ad!!

// My story before the peel//

I am 35 years old, am of mixed ancestry. Specifically one parent was a fair-olive skinned Western European, and the other is of South-Pacific descent with darker “asian” skin. In my younger years, I was an avid beach dweller. However around my late teens I gave up the sun, unintentionally, but the activities I partook in did not include much of sun-bathing. Please note that I grew up in Southern California, where the sun graces us most of the year, no matter how much you stay out of its rays.

More specific to me is that I’ve had “bad skin” or acne-prone skin most of my life. Starting probably at the age 11 or 12. It was torturous in high school. I even overheard a person who called herself one of my friends make fun of me for it. And called me a rhino. Another time my friend’s disgustingly beautiful Barbie-beautiful girlfriend asked me if I put my make up on by candle light. Even through all these ‘mean girl’ instances… For the most part, I remained my own personal critic.

By the age of 27, my acne had grown progressively bad. And I was prescribed a potent drug called Accutane. It worked really well for me, I suffered little to no side-effects (aesthetic or mood-swing wise), and I was pleased by the results. By age 32, the acne came back. I tried regular facials, hormones and topical ointments prescribed by my dermatologist at the time, even laser photo-facials. Nothing was working. By 34, I knew that only one thing worked for me during my entire battle with acne and I asked my dermatologist to put me back on Accutane. Once again it proved to be the best solution for me. By the time I wrapped up my 2nd Accutane treatment, I asked what I could do about the acne scarring.

(In writing this, I just found out there are different types of names for acne scarring.) In specific my “craters” are called rolling scars - mine are of a medium depth, and I have one box-car acne scar by my eyebrow, while I have what I think to be 2-3 mild hypertrophinc or keloid scars on my nose. (When you do a web search for these types of scars, let me just say the images you will see are really severe. the ones on my nose look like tiny bumps. much like a pimple that hasn’t surfaced yet, and not discolored, etc.)

Anyway, like I was saying - after I wrapped up my 2nd Accutane treatment I asked my dermatologist what I could do. He suggested a TCA Peel 3 months after I wrapped my Accutane treatment. My skin would be too sensitive to the peel right after taking Accutane. It was $500 with no insurance help, as it is considered an elective procedure. Another catch is that I could never get it done on a Friday (for weekend healing time), and his esthetician would be doing the procedure, not the doctor himself. I was never sure about it, so I waited.

Two months later, it just so happened that I was at work and had a strange rash, and needed to see someone fast. My regular dermatologist was in Beverly Hills, was a good 20-40 minute drive, and either wasn’t there to see me that day or was fully booked (I forget). He also wasn’t very personable, and his staff seemed to not enjoy working for him. So I called my insurance agency and asked them if there was one closer to my office. There happened to be one a block away who had pretty good reviews on the insurance site and on Yelp. I went to this new dermatologist for this and proceeded to keep seeing him for the next few months. He is my 4th dermatologist since age 27.

About a month later, I asked him about another skin condition, and about the TCA Peel. He actually only charged $300 for it and did it himself. His receptionist had also had it done, and her skin looked great. They said I would be red, and that I would peel. I asked again, they said the same. I still waited another few months, but then elected to have the procedure done as soon as I knew I have time where I didn’t have to be in direct sunlight. (I had to go to a conference for work where we had an exhibit outdoors. I was stationed there for 3 days.)

So I got the peel done 3 days ago…

A blog about my first experience with a TCA peel, for those who are curious about a real TCA peel experience